Spike Your Metabolism

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BURST Training Boot Camp in the Park

The best and most efficient exercise is a high-intensity, short duration work-out.  This is BURST TRAINING!  

Instead of burning fat for an hour on a treadmill, a burst training session will spike your metabolism and build lean muscle that will keep your body burning fat for 48 hours after!!! This type of exercise can increase energy, fat loss, improve heart and lung health, aid in elimination of toxins, improve libido, better sleep, fight depression, create better self-image, and manage blood sugar levels! 

*All ages and fitness levels are welcome! Exercise modifications will be provided. 


Monday and Wednesdays (Starting May 21st) 

5:45 AM-6:15 AM


Citizens Memorial Park
Graettinger, Iowa 

INVESTMENT:  $5 drop in rate or purchase a package of 10 classes for $45.00

Payment Options: 

Paypal: JackieAMart@hotmail.com
Venmo: @Jackie-Mart
Check: Make payable to “Jackie Mart”

**We will reschedule days missed due to inclement weather.

All boot camp classes will be lead by Jackie Mart, a holistic nutritionist, life coach and certified fitness instructor. She battled negative body image, weight issues and an eating disorder for more than 12 years and transformed her struggles into her career and passion! Jackie’s health/wellness experience includes: consulting independently, working with gyms, partnering with chiropractic/wellness clinics, food co-ops, and providing nutrition and health education in many large-group settings and businesses throughout Minnesota and Iowa.

Optimum Wellness LLC

Copyright, 2018, Jackie Mart. For further information about this blog, or Optimum Wellness LLC, contact Jackie Mart at 712.790.5883 or Jackie@OptimumWellnessMN.com. As a holistic nutritionist and lifestyle coach, I will support you in taking steps to a healthier and happier you. My goal is to help you create an art of balance in your life. You will also learn how important balance between primary foods (relationships, physical activity, sleep, career and spirituality) and secondary foods (organic food and whole food) is.

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