Do This to Burn Fat and Increase Lean Muscle

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Warmer weather equals outdoor workouts! Come join us on Mondays for BURST Training in the park! Exercise and moving your body is a form of self love! Come for the energy and the environment! 

BURST  Exercise Outdoor Boot Camp 

Mondays starting May 2nd: 6:00-6:30 PM

$10 Drop-in Rate or $30 if you pre-pay for the whole month

First boot camp session is always FREE!

Location: Powderhorn Park- 3400 15th Ave. S Minneapolis, MN 55407

*High intensity, short duration work-out. 

*Shocks the body’s physiology into becoming a muscle-building, fat-burning machine!

* Spike your metabolism, produce HGH (human growth hormone) and build lean muscle that will keep your body burning fat for up to the following 48 hours!

*Other benefits include: increase muscle and energy, fat loss, improve heart and lung health, aid in elimination of toxins, improve libido, better sleep, fight depression, create better self-image, and manage blood sugar.

*All ages and fitness levels welcome!

*Plan on arriving at least 5 minutes early and bring a towel, water bottle, and mat. 

*Please CLICK HERE to RSVP. 

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