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After reading an article and watching a Ted Talk video about minimalism I was inspired and decided to sift through my belongings.  I currently live in small 500 square foot studio apartment. Even though it may look bare to most I still somehow managed to fill the bags in the photo plus one from my storage unit!! Goodwill got some goodies!

My apartment consists mostly of items for my business and modeling promotions.  I was previously married and owned two houses full of "stuff."  Now I've scaled down dramatically and realize what few things I really need in life!  When we own less we have less to store and manage. (Which leaves more time, energy, and focus into what really matters!)   Years ago all of the storage units you see never existed. The concept of hoarding has reached new levels!  Read my blog post about clutter here: http://jackieamart.blogspot.com/2014/04/clutter-hoarder-or-ocd-neat-freak.html

I remember visiting my in-laws years ago and looking around at all their "stuff."  Lots of antiques and a whole upper loft in the garage of randomness piled high in boxes and plastic tubs. I had a bout of anxiety thinking about sorting through everything when they passed away. Not something anyone wants to deal with!  Here is my advice:

If you haven't used something within a year get rid of it. You DO NOT need it. Don't keep it, "just in case..."

All those clothes in your closet that do not fit your current body- donate them! Love your body for what it looks like right now!

Go through your space and if you see something that reminds you of an unpleasant memory from your past it's time to part with it.

When you look at an item make sure it gives you a sense of happiness and joy or it's time to let it go!

Our memories are located in our heads and our hearts, not in physical objects. Make room only for things, people, and experiences that add value to your life!

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