Flex Friday

10:07 AM Jackie Mart 0 Comments

I've been focusing more on being strong and not skinny. This past year I've gained probably 10 pounds. I'm not sure because I stopped weighing myself. The scale does not control me anymore. Each day I work on my mindset and some days are definitely harder than others. I don't weigh 103 pounds anymore like in the other two photos. I was skinny then but wasn't happy.

Gaining weight is a mind game. My clothes are tighter and when the whole world has been focusing on losing weight I've been needing to gain weight. One thing I want to mention is that our bodies naturally fluctuate 5-7 pounds on any given day based on food and water intake, bloating, inflammation, hormones and etc. My takeaway today is this: Throw out the scale! Perfectionism can destroy you-both mentally and physically. Forgive yourself daily!

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