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I recently went through my Instagram feed and unfollowed anyone whose profile who didn't spark joy in my life: people who post things of no value to me, personal trainers/models with perfectly chiseled abs who only post gym selfies or workout videos continuously, negative people, and anyone else whose profile I looked at that made me feel bad about myself, triggered my eating disorder mentality, or didn't inspire me. 

Through social networking we're able to connect with a lot of people and even "follow" others who inspire us. The problem with social media is that it is often a highlight reel of every day life, the top moments of our lives. It's easy to compare ourselves to strangers on the internet and to the best styled, perfected, edited, curated moments of their lives. It makes me think of this verse from Proverbs: "Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it." (4:23).  Especially online, your heart needs to be guarded from those feelings of inadequacy you feel when you look at people's profiles or posts.  You are in charge of guarding your heart, especially when it's in danger of being stabbed often by something that often seems harmless. Remember not everyone has walked the same path as you. 

Does someone's "perfect" body make you feel bad about your own? Unfollow. Does someone else's bragging about their success make you feel like you're way behind? Unfollow. Does someone else's spiteful comments make you feel upset and uncomfortable? Unfollow. Do you follow business "competition" just to spy? Unfollow.  Do you follow friends from high school just to keep up on gossip or to feel better about yourself? Unfollow. Wonder why you followed some people in the first place? Unfollow.  Make your online world a place of inspiration, motivation, genuine connection, positivity, and happiness!! Guard your heart! <3

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