Be Who You Are

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If I've learned anything these past two weeks it's that no matter what you do you cannot please everyone.  My Dad and I have been butting heads and it seems as though whatever I do in life it has never been the right path he thinks I should be on.  I am constantly compared to my younger sister and it's painful.  I was a straight-A student, had many friends, and excelled in everything I did.  Shy girl turned successful college student with a kind heart! The paths I've chosen after college haven't been the easiest but they have been the most rewarding and have shaped me into the woman I am today. 

I have felt fear and had my ego screaming in my ear but continue on. Life isn't about pleasing those around you. It's about taking challenging steps each day, learning, growing, and doing what God has put on your heart.  I've been told many times (by my Dad and others) to go, "get a real job." I've lived that life in the past.  Answering to someone else, living on their terms, punching in and out. The conventional way has never been my forte. One thing I do know is if you live your life trying to make others happy you will be miserable.  You are capable of making your own decisions and living a different life from the one others want you to lead!  Be brave and keep going!! 

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