Uncomplicated Kitchen

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Plan your meals and cook ahead of time each week. Store extra in freezer and pull out during the week for a fast meal. (Or let me do your meal prep for you!) 

Do not store herbs above stovetop; heat rises and herbs and spices will mold and go rancid quickly.

Simplify and keep kitchen organized and tidy so you will want to cook!

Throw out the microwave and replace with a toaster oven. (Read about the Dangers of Microwaves)

Homemade cooking instills love and positive energy into the food.

Eat family meals together when possible.

Clean out your refrigerator once a week before you grocery shop so you know what you have on hand. 

Keep junk food out of the house so you are not tempted! Out of sight, out of mind! 

Put a bowl of fruit on the counter so you can grab a healthy snack. 

Look for new recipes to try each week to give cooking some pizazz and excitement! (Find Clean Eating Recipes Here)

Cook with your children.  (Check out another recent blog post about Clean Eating for Kids

Plant a garden and shop at the Farmer’s Markets for fresh, local food.

Store food in glass containers instead of plastic. (I like the Pyrex Brand

Store raw nuts, seeds, gluten free flours in refrigerator or freezer to keep them from going rancid! 

*If you need more help organizing your kitchen I offer a Kitchen Cabinet Clean-Up Service: http://jackieamart.blogspot.com/2014/04/kitchen-cabinet-clean-up.html

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