Jackie's Health Tip of the Week 4/2/17

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3 Powerful Nutrition Principles:

1. Food From Nature vs. Food by Man

-Eat “real” food and not factory made processed food
-Eat food that comes from the Earth (organic fruit, vegetables, grass-fed meat, etc.) and NOT food that man has created (Doritos, candy, boxed food, etc.)
-Over 3,000 chemicals have been approved by the FDA and are found in our food supply
-Read labels- if you cannot read the ingredient, DON’T EAT IT!
2. Decrease Sugar

-Leads to inflammation, disease, feeds cancer cells, and increases acidity in the body.
-Comes in hidden forms: soups, salsa, boxed foods, lunch meats, pizza, sauces, crackers, fruit drinks, canned foods, yogurt, ketchup, mayonnaise, etc.  
-Limit rice, pasta, bread, whole grains- they turn into sugar in the body.  
-Increase fruits, vegetables, grass fed and free range meats, healthy fats.

3. Increase Healthy Fats

-Your body needs fats to function: hormone production, cancer prevention, brain development, weight loss, cellular healing, and anti-inflammation.  

-Change bad fats to good fats

*Replace margarine with real organic butter
*Replace vegetable/canola oil and hydrogenated oil (trans-fat) with coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil          
*Other Healthy Fats: fatty fish, raw nuts and seeds, avocado, chia, flax, hemp seeds, natural nut butters (with no added oils), olives

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