The Voice Inside My Head

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Every day I walk by this dreaded thing at the gym.. I remember when I weighed myself daily.  If it read 104 pounds I would be happy and it would be a "good" day. When the scale would creep up to 106 or above I would freak out and say horrible things to myself in my head.  I call the voice, "ED".  ED stands for "Eating Disorder." This voice ruled most of my life and still comes back to haunt me some weeks.  It's the evil part of me that likes to show it's ugly head when I'm overly stressed or not feeling very confident in myself and my abilities.

Maybe you have a mean voice as well? Maybe it's stuck on autopilot: "you are fat," "you are worthless," "you are not good enough," "you never do anything right," "you suck at life," "you are disgusting," "you will never amount to anything," "you will never get married,"  "you are a failure"....

The picture below is one of the last slides in my Eating Disorder PowerPoint I give to schools, groups, and organizations. It depicts ED and how he can torture us if we let him.  He's that nasty person on our shoulder whispering FALSE statements into our ears. 

I'm here to tell you the voice is lying and it's time to get rid of him! Brush him off, throw him in the back seat, lock up him up; he doesn't belong in your life anymore! You have the strength and power to put up a fight! YOU matter!  Don't let ED or anyone else tell you differently!

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