Jackie's Health Tip of the Week 10/23/16

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Some healthier alternatives for Halloween Night!

Mini dark chocolate bars- buy in bulk to save money! 

Yummy Earth Products – these are some of the cleanest candies out there… soy free, dairy free, nut free, GMO free, high fructose corn syrup free, and the list goes on.  (They make: gummy worms, gummy bears, gummy spiders, fruit snacks, sour beans, lolli-pops, etc)

Xylitol gum – Xylitol is a healthier option than aspartame (an artificial sugar), which is found in most sugar-free gum. Fortunately, there are many gums sweetened with Xylitol hitting the market. Even recommended by dentists!

Annie’s Fruit Snacks – yes, they have sugar but they are free of artificial dyes, gluten, hydrogenated oils, and a lot of other nasty stuff. Plus, they have fun Halloween packs that are great to giveaway!

Raisins – an oldie but goodie, this dried fruit is a natural as it gets.

Fruit leather – Made of 100% real fruit, this is a great treat that doesn’t rot the teeth.  Check out Target for some less expensive options!

Stickers – Who doesn’t love stickers?! Find some cute Halloween-themed ones and give them away.  Walgreens sells them in small packs!

Spider rings – A treat that doesn’t involve food, spider rings are fun and scary at the same time! Very in-expensive too!

Halloween pencils- Anyone will love a practical and useful treat! Check out your local dollar store. 

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