Pearson Lakes Art Center Classes

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Gearing up for these classes in 2018 at the Pearson Lakes Art Center in Okoboji, Iowa! Please contact the art center to register: 712.332.7013 or

January 11  |  6 – 7 pm  |  $35: Holistic Healthy Eating and Weight Loss (Lecture)

People try all the “fad diets” and either give up or gain all the weight back. Weight loss is about eating whole, unprocessed foods and committing to a healthy lifestyle. Most “diet foods” are loaded with chemicals, additives, are devoid of nutrients, and actually make you gain more weight! I will go over the 3 Powerful Principles of Nutrition and how to feed your body what it needs to look great on the outside and promote healing on the inside!

January 13  |  10:00 – 11:30 am  |  $50 per Adult/Child Team: Love Your Body – Food is Fuel (Cooking Class)

Join local holistic nutritionist, Jackie Mart, for an engaging children’s class all about caring for the body, self-love, and healthy eating! Class will consist of an interactive art project followed by preparing and making a few clean-eating recipes together!

On the Menu:

Ranch Dip with Raw Veggies
Bell Pepper Pizzas
Granny Smith Apple Crisp

*This class is for children ages 8-12 years old. Space is limited to 6 attendees (Adult/Child Teams). (12 people total)

January 20  |  10 – 11 am  |  $35: Detoxification – Minimizing Toxins (Lecture) 

Your skin is your largest organ and what we put on our skin is very readily absorbed. Toxins are lurking in the products you use every day!! They are also found in our food, cleaning products, water, in our homes, yards, environment, and etc. Over 3,000 chemicals of been approved by the FDA and are found in our food supply! I will tell you how to avoid them, suggested alternatives, detoxifying foods, and how you can rid your body of toxins!

February 17  |  10 – 11:15 am  |  $35: Heart-Healthy Snacks (Children’s Cooking Class)

Join Jackie for this children’s hands-on cooking class focusing on heart-healthy foods! We will be making a few after-school snacks they can easily make on their own! All supplies are included.

On the Menu:

Strawberry Coconut and Nut Parfait
Tuna, Black Bean and Spinach Lettuce Wraps
Blueberry Avocado Pudding
*This class is suitable for children ages 6 – 10 years old. Space is limited to 10 attendees.

February 24  |  10 – 11 am  |  $35: DIY Dog Treats (Children’s Cooking Class)

Your 4-legged friends deserve some treats every now and again too! Join Jackie as we whip up some grain-free goodies to take home for your favorite furry BFF! All supplies are included.

*This class is suitable for children ages 6 – 12 years old. Space is limited to 10 attendees.

March 3  |  10 – 11 am  |  $35: Food for Your Skin (Cooking Class With Tasting)

Looking healthy and radiant on the outside begins on the inside! Join Jackie as she navigates through foods that help increase collagen, ward off wrinkles, age spots, and help give your skin a nice, healthy glow! It all starts in the digestive system and flooding your body with nutrients! A few tasty skin food recipe samples will be provided!

March 10  |  10 – 11 am  |  $35: What to Eat When Eating Out (Lecture)

Eating out is always a social thing. You cannot avoid seeing friends and family or work lunches/dinners but you can make healthier choices at any restaurant, cafe, buffet, or deli! Learn what to eat and what to avoid when eating out! Learn tips to keep your waistline, health goals, and budget in check!

*Please print off a few sections of a menu of one of your favorite restaurants and bring it with you to class so Jackie can help you analyze it and choose the cleaner options!

March 31  |  10 – 11 am  |  $35: Self-Love Boot Camp (Lecture With Tasting)

With our crazy schedules and commitments, it’s easy to forget about putting ourselves first and we’re all in need of a little ME time. Whether you’re new to eating healthy, exercise, or need some extra self-love… now is the chance to get back on track and make some healthy changes for both your mind and body! During this time, I will share my heart-felt story about my 12+ year battle with an eating disorder and negative body image. You will walk away with genuine and personal advice from someone who has struggled with self-love herself, a healing food plan and easy to make recipes, life coaching tips, workout ideas you can easily do at home, and tips and tricks for loving, accepting, and caring for yourself each and every day!

April 5  |  6 – 7 pm  |  $35: How to Talk to Children About “Real Food” (Lecture)

We all want our children to make healthy choices even when we don’t make them ourselves as parents. Children are bombarded with TV and internet ads for sugary and snack foods that correlate with ADD, ADHD, allergies, and common illnesses. I will break it down to a few simple steps you can easily teach your kids about foods that make their bodies feel the best, sometimes foods, and foods to avoid. Green, yellow, and red light foods!

April 19  |  6 – 7 pm  |  $35: Super Food Smoothies Made Simple (Cooking Class)

Smoothies can be a nutrient-filled quick and easy meal or snack. Jackie will share a few of her favorite recipes and talk about which ingredients are best for energy, clearer skin, weight loss, inflammation, cancer killing, and cleansing the body! Smoothie samples and recipes included!

May 3  |  6 – 7:30 pm  |  $35: Girls’ Self Love & Gratitude Workshop (Children’s Hands-on Class)

This is a mind and body workshop for young girls that emphasizes principles of self-love, personal power and the beauty that comes from allowing your light to shine from within! Through open dialogue, a thought-provoking craft and healthy nutrition, this GiRLiFE Workshop creates a safe space where girls can honor their individuality while embracing each-other’s!

Core messages delivered in the GiRLiFE curriculum:

The thoughts we choose to feed our minds are the most powerful tools we have to live a happy and healthy life. Girls who truly believe themselves and understand the influence of their own personal power, or happier, more confident, and experience peace in their lives and relationships. The opportunities are truly endless for a young girl when she understands that she is capable of living a life beyond the limits of her imagination.

 Children will walk away with:

A new set of like-minded friends
A craft to illustrate the workshop’s teachings
The opportunity to try healthy organic juices to fuel their growing bodies and much more!

*This workshop is suitable for GIRLS ages 9-13 years old. Space is limited to 10 attendees.

May 17  |  6 – 7 pm  |  $35: Sleep – The Food/Brain Connection (Lecture)

Tired of Not Sleeping? Learn the basis of sleep including your sleep/wake cycles or circadian cycle, how cortisol levels affect sleep, ways to improve your sleep, factors that affect your sleep/wake cycles, and foods/beverages that could be hindering your zzz’s.

**Please contact the art center to register: 712.332.7013 or

Copyright, 2018, Jackie Mart. For further information about this blog, or Optimum Wellness LLC, contact Jackie Mart at 712.790.5883 or As a holistic nutritionist and lifestyle coach, I will support you in taking steps to a healthier and happier you. My goal is to help you create an art of balance in your life. You will also learn how important balance between primary foods (relationships, physical activity, sleep, career and spirituality) and secondary foods (organic food and whole food) is.

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