Lessons to Learn

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"Lessons keep getting harder until we learn from them."

I heard this quote and it really hit home.  Sometimes we keep living the same horrendous day over and over and don't learn from our mistakes or make changes.  I know my eating disorder was like that.  I would starve myself the whole day, then binge and purge at night. Then repeat. 

We get into habits that are hard to break. Both good and bad habits are ingrained and hardwired into our brains.  Maybe for you it's dating the same type of guy or girl that treats you like crap, ordering more and more stuff you don't need online, avoiding telling you spouse how you really feel, show up to the job you hate every day, and so on... 

The pain we endure will continue until we have fully learned our lesson.  It will keep showing up in our lives until we stand up and have enough courage to break the cycle.  All it takes is standing up for yourself TODAY and then doing the same the next day! I think the hardest part of showing up whole-heartedly in life is worrying about making the wrong decision or upsetting others. The only person you should be living for is yourself. Everything is between you and God or the Universe behind closed doors.  If you are not proud of the person you are know you can change and live a completely different life than before! You are not cursed and are strong enough to break the cycle!! I believe in you! <3 

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