January Fitness Challenge

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Week 1- January 15th-20th
Week 2- January 22nd-27th
Monday- 20 Burpees

Monday-30 Toe Touch Abs
Tuesday- 30 Push-ups

Tuesday- 1 Minute Wall Sit
Wednesday- Eat a healthy, clean, colorful meal

Wednesday-Eat a healthy breakfast- without grains or sugar
Thursday-200 Jumping Jacks

Thursday- 20 Jump Squats
Friday- 1 Minute Plank

Friday-Mountain Climbers for 1 Minute
Saturday- 50 Bicycle Abs

Saturday- Workout with a friend

Join my challenge the last two weeks in January! 

**Tag me in a Facebook Post (@Jackie Mart) each day once completed. Complete the full 2 week challenge and receive a FREE BURST TRAINING SESSION and a gift!

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