Life-Long Learner

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I'm ringing in the New Year on a mission to help and impact as many lives as I can!  One of my strengths is teaching and leading others to become the best version of themselves. If one of your 2018 goals relates to health, wellness, or personal development I'm offering opportunities in Iowa for continuing education and learning by partnering with Iowa Lakes Community College.  I will be teaching a few classes each month starting in January.  Here is the link to their website where you will see the classes, descriptions, and registration information: (Be sure to look at both pages!)

Copyright, 2018, Jackie Mart. For further information about this blog, or Optimum Wellness LLC, contact Jackie Mart at 712.790.5883 or As a holistic nutritionist and lifestyle coach, I will support you in taking steps to a healthier and happier you. My goal is to help you create an art of balance in your life. You will also learn how important balance between primary foods (relationships, physical activity, sleep, career and spirituality) and secondary foods (organic food and whole food) is.

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