Thankful Thursday

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Thankful Thursday! What are you grateful for? 

As I drive back home to Iowa each week from Minneapolis I reflect on all the reasons why make the decisions I do. I’ve always been one to follow my heart instead of my head. The older I get the more I live in the present moment. What was important to me in previous years means nothing now.

I’ve been living a life I thought I was supposed to live instead of a life I wanted. What I really want is more freedom, love and hugs from my family, a full nights sleep, and to not have to push myself to DO more and prove to the world I’m worthy and successful. Life is slower paced and it’s exactly what I needed. The best compliment came from my mom a few weeks ago: “Jackie, you are much more calm, actually listen, seem less stressed, and act like a person again! ” That’s when you know you made the correct choice.  

Takeaway- Stop trying to be what the world tells you to be and start living on your own terms! Design a life YOU love and don’t take grief from all the people who want you to fail. They were never true supporters of you anyway!! 

Jackie XOXO

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